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About Me


Mead has an extensive background in film and video production. He was schooled in video production at Ball State University, followed by a year-long certification at the New York Film Academy. Mead wrote and directed several feature films under the banner Clothespin Films. 

He received a degree in Visual Effects and Animation at the Los Angeles Film School and started working as a freelance VFX Artist and Special Effects prop maker and worked on several high profile films while living in Los Angeles.

My Name is Jerry production photo
Snowspeeder bed by Big Bits

Big Bits

In January of 2016 Mead took his Maker status to the next level and founded Big Bits to design and fabricate one-of-a-kind props, sets, and displays. The company does it all- 3D design renders, CAD and CNC programming, laser cutting, sculpting, electronics and robotics, and basically building really cool things.


Mead has always had a love for teaching. Even as a student he was tutoring others. Before becoming a certified teacher, Mead was an animation tutor, a certified elementary school substitute teacher, and a camp counselor at ID Tech Camp in Irvine, CA. He is a huge believer in project-based learning and teaching "the whole student".

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